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Linc LIC, soars 42 stories above the Long Island City streetscape. One stop from Manhattan and a short walk from Court Square transit hub, Linc LIC sets the bar high with crisp design, amazing amenities and a dynamic social vibe. With studios, one, two and three bedroom apartments, Linc LIC has something that will fit everyones needs.

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Though NYC HRA expects that most people currently receiving a voucher will be eligible for CityFHEPS, anyone who is not eligible will not be transferred to the new program and will only receive a one-time shopping letter. This one-time shopping letter will expire on February 29 regardless of when you are re-screened. For this reason, it is


At the same time, processing a voucher typically took longer than expected and landlords would often cancel the application and rent to someone without a voucher. All of these factors made the process for securing a voucher designed to get individuals and families into affordable apartments mystifying to both advocates and individuals.

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Waiting lists for vouchers are often long or closed. HousingLink cannot tell you about your individual status on a waiting list, but we do maintain a list of which housing authorities have waiting list openings. Do I qualify? To qualify for a Section 8 voucher, you must fall within Minnesota’s income limits. I have a voucher.


The information in this pamphlet provides a general overview of the LINC VI Rental Assistance program. It is not intended to provide full details concerning the program. LINC VI Rental Assistance Program Chart Household Size 1 or 2 3 or 4 5+ Maximum Rent $650 $750 $1,000

80 Percent of LINC Homeless Rent Vouchers Arent Being

Nothing will change for clients already enrolled in LINC 6. If you are currently in receipt of LINC and would like additional information on the program, visit the LINC Documents Center. If you are currently in receipt of LINC and need to modify, restore, or transfer your LINC rental assistance, contact your local Homebase for assistance.

80 Percent of LINC Homeless Rent Vouchers Arent Being linc 6 voucher

(c) HRA shall provide a household moving expenses, a security deposit voucher equal to one month’s rent, and a broker’s fee equal to up to one month’s rent, if applicable, as set forth in Section 352.6 of Title 18 of the New York Codes, Rules and Regulations, if such household is moving from shelter, is moving from other accommodations and is at risk of shelter entry, or is not residing in a shelter, residence, or …

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LINC V. This program is targeted to individuals and adult families in DHS shelters, safe havens and drop in centers who are working but cannot afford housing. Enrolled households will pay 30% of their income towards rent and is renewal for up to 5 years and possibly longer on a case by case basis.

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Conveniently located around the corner from Morris Park Avenue! Close to all neighborhood shops and markets. Bus stop around the corner and close to the 2 and 5 trains! *HRA & HASA, Section 8, Oneshot deals, All LINC Programs, Public Assiatance. Vouchers Accepted.